Body Butter in Wales


Journey of Natural Body Butter & Skin Care products

I’ve been making my own body butter in Wales & skin care products since 2015 due to not being able to purchase anything. which would moisturise my very dry skin properly.

It was September in 2020, & with time on my hands, due to the lockdown, the idea of setting up my own skincare company began.  I had been interested in natural therapies since the early 1980s, following experiences with homoeopathy and naturopathy. 

I love essential oils and after doing some research found a way of combining the two things together. 

Having given my products to family & friends over the years as gifts & received positive feedback it had been something at the back of my mind for a while. Lockdown was the catalyst in making this a possibility.

Essential Skin and Body Butters in Wales 

After many how-to videos to gain knowledge on how to launch a company, research on labels, packaging, domain names & a host of other information, my company Essential Skin & Body Butters was born at the end of November 2020. Mainly through word of mouth & social media with the lockdown stillin force, I could only give samples to people I knew, but by Christmas, I had sold over 90 items. 

Those first customers have remained with me to this day. In January 2021, a remark on social media made me aware of regulations and testing I should have followed before selling my products!

Due to this I removed everything & found out all the regulations required.  I decided on a company to do the testing to obtain my CPSR license and ensured I followed all the legal requirements with paperwork.

This took several months, when I had finally finished, I restarted in August 2021 with my first craft market.

I was now back on social media with an online shop, continuing to do regular craft markets around the area.

I qualified with a diploma in aromatherapy in October 2021 & have continued to expand my knowledge.

In June 2022 I changed my business name from Essential Skin and Body Butters to Skin Solved and started setting up a website. 

My aim is to deliver pure quality body butter in Wales, balms and skincare products at reasonable prices while supporting the British Heart Foundation which is a charity close to my family for personal reasons. 

I offer free skincare consultations and will always work with a customer to find a skincare product for their needs.


Natural body butter, creams

I continue to develop my product range, now selling a range of natural body butter, creams for acne and eczema, baby creams, facial serum & pamper baskets. 

It has been incredibly hard work but I love to share the knowledge I’ve gained by giving talks to groups to raise awareness.

 I’m grateful for the new path in my life where I have met so many interesting people.

If you would like to learn more or book me for a talk then please contact me on 07828112205 or find me on 

Facebook/Instagram @skinsolved

Diploma For Barbara Waters

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